Acquaintance boosts will aswell be awarded

“‘What’s up with Rocket Canyon and the new progression system?’ is acceptable your next question!” the Rocket League advertisement said. “Both are still on clue as categorical in our Summer Roadmap. We still plan to cover them in an amend afore the end of August, so backward acquainted for added advice in the advancing weeks.”

If you’ve apparent Fortnite’s Action Canyon or agnate projects such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Accident Pass, you’ll accept an abstraction of what the Rocket Canyon does. The advertisement for the affection said that it’ll be a time-limited progression acclimation with several Rocket Passes hoped to be appear ceremony year. It’s accessible in both a paid and chargeless anatomy as able-bodied with the $9.99 advantage acceptance players to alleviate even added agreeable like car bodies, keys, and added cosmetics. Acquaintance boosts will aswell be awarded to added your Rocket Canyon progression, but if you don’t wish to pay anything, you can yield advantage of the chargeless Rocket Canyon that comes with customization items, banners, titles, and Decryptors.

The Rocket Canyon isn’t bound to Keys Rocket League any accurate platform, so anyone who plays Rocket League can admission both the chargeless and paid versions. The capacity of the Rocket Canyon will aswell be arresting to players above-mentioned to purchasing it, so you can attending through them aboriginal to accomplish an abreast accommodation on whether or not you wish in on the exceptional progression.

As for the Zephyr amend that’s advancing eventually than the Rocket Canyon feature, this mini amend will acquaint a new crate with a few added changes.

“As allotment of our appropriately-named ‘Zephyr Update’ next week, the Zephyr Crate has the cast new ‘Cyclone’ Battle-Car — based on the Breakout hitbox — complete with altered Engine Audio and Common Decals that appear forth with it. Analysis out the Cyclone and some of the added Zephyr Crate items below!